Bespoke boat building specialists and modern boat renovations for all of New Zealand
Based in Tauranga | Servicing New Zealand Wide
Bespoke boat building specialists and modern boat renovations for all of New Zealand

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A refit is a popular choice for boat owners to ensure they can get the best out of what they have

If you already own a boat and would like to keep it, but it isn't quite meeting your needs, then we can work with you to create innovative solutions to meet your specifications. Being boat owners ourselves, we understand the necessity for smart design that utilises all space efficiently and the importance of a top-quality finish. We will work to your budget, keep you as close to the project plan as you like, and change, amend and adapt as ideas transpire.

Based in Tauranga, we work with clients in the Bay of Plenty, Auckland, the Coromandel, Waikato and across New Zealand. Contact us to discuss your project.
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Our restoration and refit services improve the interior and exterior of your boat

Are you looking to upgrade or customise aspects of your boat, or do you want a complete refit? Whatever you want to achieve, we can help. We refit both external and internal - from construction, painting and everything in between - and can take care of the whole project to give you and your boat a new lease on life. Our services include:

  • Marine flooring fabrication and installation - we offer a full range of flooring services for your boat, whether you are looking for a luxurious teak floor or a composite decking option.
  • Painting - filling and fairing (removing bumps, filling holes and low areas and reshaping voids) to ensure the surface is level and then painting
  • Adding new technology - to make boats more efficient, safer, and more fun so customers can spend more of their time out on the water.
  • Lighting designs - to give your better functionality on your boat and to add interest
  • Upholstery work - to revive tired seating and trims or to give your boat a whole new look
We complete much of our work in-house, working with specialist subcontractors for elements like electronics and technology.

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