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Bespoke boat building specialists and modern boat renovations for all of New Zealand

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Put in the finishing touches with stylish and functional boat deck flooring

From traditional teak to synthetic teak-like products, our team are committed to providing you with the right solution to suit your unique flooring needs.

This highly skilled level of work is carried out by our passionate, detail-oriented team—the only certified installers in the region—and will ensure your marine flooring is executed with precision.

Whether it is a new look for a stylish boat refit or flooring for your dream custom build boat, our team are ready to assist. Based in Tauranga, we work with clients in the Bay of Plenty, Auckland, the Coromandel, Waikato and across New Zealand. Contact us to discuss your options.
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Traditional teak decking

Teak decks are a traditional solution for marine or boat decking and have practical benefits, too. They are a safe form of decking as the teak wood is naturally rough and therefore acts as an excellent anti-slip in nearly all weather conditions. They also have a good insulating effect on the interior of a vessel, and help to keep the temperature of the deck cooler from the heat of the sun.

Our team are teak design and manufacturing specialists, and we love the challenge that this type of flooring provides. Technical, with zero margin for error, teak decks are one of the most rewarding (both visually and technically) services we provide for our clients. We pride ourselves on supplying the finest quality workmanship and products, and teak decking is no exception.

If you are considering teak decking for your boat, talk to us first to see if it's the right option. If it is, we’ll start by getting a full understanding of what you want from your new teak deck and where it will be installed. We’ll then start planning the manufacturing process. 

This process starts by ordering the raw materials, choosing only the highest quality of teak. Our skilled team will then start handcrafting your decking to create the best possible visual appearance. It is a process that requires passion and dedication, but it is completely worth it whenever we complete the installation and can see how the teak deck has transformed and improved the boat.

The installation process also requires precision and attention to detail, but we have the skills and expertise on our team to ensure the highest standards of service.

Synthetic teak flooring

When it comes to giving your boat that touch of elegance, nothing beats the look of teak decking. But, real teak isn't always an option. NuTeak gives you the unmistakable look of real teak with unmatched durability and ease of maintenance.

Not only does it look great but NuTeak is fully UV-stabilised, non-slip (whether wet or dry), anti-fungal, and stain-resistant and will not crack, split, peel or fade. Maintenance is a breeze with NuTeak - it can be easily cleaned with soap and water or withstand pressure washing.

NuTeak can also be sanded without damaging its finish. Infinitely adaptable, we can customise it to fit any surface and install it anywhere (and everywhere) on your vessel.
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Composite boat decking

Composite decking offers a modern alternative to teak and wood flooring. We offer two options.

SeaDek is non-absorbent, UV and stain-resistant and easy to clean - perfect for the marine environment.

As a completely customisable material, SeaDek can be configured for nearly every boating and watercraft application where high-quality, comfortable and safe non-skid decking or anti-fatigue footing is desired. It also helps to quieten noise from dropped items - great for anglers!

Available in many colours, thicknesses and combinations, SeaDek is ideal for non-skid boat decking, coaming pads, swim steps, casting platforms, helm pads, gunnels, boat interior carpet replacement, boat trailers, and much more.

NautikFlor is recommended for interior use because it is easy to maintain. NautikFlor is a marine flooring solution, with the ability to perfectly recreate the look and textures of actual wood and teak flooring for a fraction of the price. There’s no cracking, rusting, or corroding because it's water and abrasion resistant. 
NautikFlor is also stain resistant and can be polished or varnished to reclaim a pristine, freshly-installed look. 

The HD printing process flawlessly duplicates the look of synthetic teak and also allows for logos and names to be positioned anywhere on the planks.

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